Surrey, BC, September 18, 2017 - The Global Peace Alliance, Surrey Society(GPA) is pleased to announce its 2017 'GIVE PEACE A CHANCE' (GPAC) SURREY FESTIVAL. This is the second in a series of annual GPAC festivals to commemorate “International Day of Peace” set by the United Nations. We celebrate our cultural mosaic and eliminate cultural misconceptions andintolerance that can lead to conflicts and violence. People come together to enjoyexotic music, songs and dances as well as to look at exhibits of variedcultures around British Columbia, and beyond. Many supporting organizations will be on hand with information and display booths.

 At the same event GPA will recognize, with certificates and trophies, the participantsand winners of its 2017 PEACE-THEMED ARTS & LITERARY CONTESTS. Thesecontests also take place annually to engage people of all ages in British Columbia and beyond increative peace-themed works. They are used to create and annually expand a 'Dictionary of Peace”for children and a data base of conflict transformation and peacebuilding ideas for adults. Winning works are exhibited in public venues.

 We will have ample fun for the young such as face-painting, origami peace doves and poetry. This is a free event open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

 Date: Saturday, 7 October 2017

Time: 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Where: Fleetwood Community Centre, 15996 - 84th Avenue, Surrey BC V4N 0W1 

 We are proud to live in a country such as Canada where our peaceful communities can show theworld that change can occur from tension, fear, anduncertainty to relief, resilience and durable peace without violence.


·May everyone care for the needs of others and share what is available in a more equitable manner!

 •May no one take vengeance for past wrongs of others!

 •May everyone always act responsibly in a trustworthy and reliable manner!

May everyone appreciate the wellbeing and happiness of all humans, just as one’s own - irrespective of any identifiable difference! 

 Contact for more details | interviews:

R. B. Herath, PhD

President | Global Peace Alliance, Surrey Society

P. O. Box 73119

Evergreen RPO

Surrey BC V3R 0J2

Tel: 604.583.6767 | 604.753.7496 (C)



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Press Release at: Recent newspaper coverage

1.  The Epoch Times, Dec. 5-11, 2013, Under the Section titled "PEOPLE IN PROFILE Canadians doing extraordinary things Section" -
    "R. B. Herath: World peace is doable" In Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton and vancouver editions.
     Click here to read in full.
2. Baobab for Generations, V1, Issue 2, page1
    “A New Beginning for Humankind”
3. The Link, Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013, p.A23
   “Global Peace Book Launch!”
4. The Now, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013, pp.1 & 13
    o   p.1: “Peace talk in Surrey” and “Author R. B. Herath and his colleagues say they have a recipe for lasting peace”
    o   p.13: “Turn the peace ’light switch’ on”
5. The Asian Star, Saturday, September 21, 2013, p.3
   “Surrey group to launch global peace initiative”
6. Indo-Canadian Voice, Sat., Sept. 21, 2013, p.16
   “Surrey Author Herath Writes New Book on World Peace”
7. The Link, Sat., Sept. 21st, 2013, p. A08
   “Global Peace Initiative Launched In Surrey With Unveiling Of RB Herath’s Book On Global Peace”
8.  The Link, Sat., Sept. 7, 2013, p.A15
   “South Asian Man Heads a Unique Peace Movement At This Time Of Great Upheaval In The World”
Recent TV Interviews
Click here to view PART 1 of a TV interview Dr. R. B. Herath had with Shaw Community TV Channel 4 in September 2013 on the Global Peace Alliance in the making.
Click here to view PART 2 of a TV interview Dr. R. B. Herath had with Shaw Community TV Channel 4 in September 2013 on the Global Peace Alliance in the making. 
The inaugural meeting of the Global Peace Alliance in Surrey, BC, CANADA took place in Surrey on Saturday, September 28, 2013, in the form of a World-café style dialogue among the participants.

please visit "Peace Movement" page for more details of this event and the photographs taken there.

RB launched his new book on world peace, A New Beginning for Humankind: A Recipe for Lasting Peace on Earth, on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at the City Central Library, Surrey, BC, CANADA
Click here to watch the Book Launch video











                     Immediately after the new book is unvailed                                                                                Some participants












                                                             Celebrations .....                                                                                   A group chanting global peace reflections








                                                                                                                                                        Celebrations                                                                                                      Some participants












                                          Some participants                                                                                  Some of those who organized the event

RB and his peace initiative colleagues called a press conference in Surrey, BC, Canada, to publicly announce the new initiative on September 16, 2013.  

 Click here to view RB’s speech at the Press Conference.

 Some photos taken at the press conference:











                                                                    Peace initiative group                                                                                             Some of the media personnel present 















                            RB speaking at the press conference

Dr. R. B. Herath convened a historic meeting to begin planning a new global peace movement in the Lower Mainland, BC, CANADA.

RB convened the first meeting of local community leaders interested in a global peace movement. It was held at the Baobab Inclusive Empowerment Society Board Room on Wednesday, May 15, 2013. At the end of a detailed discussion, the attendees agreed to hold the first public workshop of the intended peace club at the Surrey Central Public Library on Saturday, September 28, 2013.  Those who attended this historic meeting are shown in the following two pictures.

From L to R: Charlotte Ndikuriyo (Baobab), Connie Waterman (Surrey Interfaith),
David Dalley, (Surrey Interfaith), Dr. Chris Eigbike (Western Institute for Social
Research), and Hemamala Herath (RB’s wife)
From L to R: Mohammed Alam (Social worker & Human Rights activist, Surrey),
Comfort Ero (African Stages), Felix Kongyuy (Baobab), Charlotte Ndikuriyo
(Baobab), and Connie Waterman (Surrey Interfaith)
Dr. R. B. Herath at Simon Fraser University, Surrey Campus, Surrey, BC.

 RB gave a speech on current challenges to world peace and how to overcome them at the Simon Fraser University, Surrey Campus, during the first ‘Community Summit of Surrey’ discussions on Saturday, April 6, 2013. 

Dr. R. B. Herath at Kwantlen University, Surrey Campus, Surrey, BC. 






















Dr. R. B. Herath speaking on current challenges to world peace and his new book on the subject, A New Beginning
for Humankind, at Kwantlen University, Surrey Campus, on April 4, 2013. 


 R.B.'s interview with iUniverse Radio in November 2012


In November 2003, Dr. R. B. Herath was appointed to the Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform in British Columbia, CANADA. The Citizens' Assembly consisted of two members from each of the 79 electoral districts of British Columbia. Dr. Herath joined the Assembly from the electoral district of Surrey-Newton, British Columbia.

Dr. Herath's new book (2007), Real Power to the People: A Novel Approach to Electoral Reform in British Columbia, describes this unique experiment in democracy that took place in BC, and draws attention to five important lessons to be drawn from this first time application of the new approach to electoral reform and its worldwide applicability.

More information about the Citizens Assembly is available at


Make sure to read about past and upcoming events.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada, forwards R. B. Herath's latest book to the Canadian Embassy in Colombo

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bill Graham, sends a letter thanking RB Herath of a copy of his book.



October 2002-LacNet/Panhinda Feature


October 2002 - Lankaweb Feature

Lankaweb website is featuring a review of Sri Lankan Ethnic Crisis: Towards a Resolution by London based freelance journalist Tilak Fernando.

Academic LacNet/Panhinda website featured R. B. Herath's new book, Sri lankan Ethnic Crisis: Towards a Resolution, in October 2002 as the Book of the Month.



27 September 2002 - Surrey/North Delta Leader: Local Sri Lankan writer at Vancouver literature fair
R. B. Herath’s Sinhalese poetry unique to festival (Canadian National Book Fair 2002): IT'S A MESSAGE of love and hope - a message Surrey's R. B. Herath is bringing to this year's national book and magazine fair Word on the Street in Vancouver this weekend.



14 September 2002 - The Link Newspaper, British Columbia: Sri Lankan Author reads At Vancouver Book Fair

The book R. B. Herath will be reading from is entitled Desappremayen Odavadiwa Darudariyanta Kavivalinma Liyu Lipiyak (translation reads as A Letter to Our Children in Poems Written through Patriotism). It was first published in Sri Lanka in 1979, at a time when the civil strife in Sri Lanka caused by its post-independence language policies was brewing into a separatist war. This collection of poems is a call for mutual love and respect across the borders of ethnicity, language and religion, so that future generations of Sri Lankans may live in peace and harmony. The poems are written in Sinhalese, a vernacular language of Sri Lanka spoken by 74 percent of the country's population.


For more information email: info@default





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