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"A successful resolution to the conflict will require both parties to make difficult compromises on fundamental matters which, until very recently, many individuals considered to be non-negotiable. I am pleased to see that Canadians of Sri Lankan origin such as yourself are striving to provide assistance to help others understand these compromises." more...

The Honourable Bill Graham
Minister of Foreign Affairs



"It is a book that should be read by everyone interested in the phenomenon of identity politics, and matters of democratic processes to ensure the civil, human, and political rights of the entire citizenry. And most certainly it is a book that should be read by all Sri Lankans, living in Sri Lanka or abroad." more...

Dr. Hari Sharma
Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Simon Fraser University
President, South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy (SANSAD)
President, International South Asia Forum (INSAF)



"The book is an informative, accurate and very readable account of a nation in crisis. Herath delves deeply into the reasons behind the conflict and his own personal hopes for the future of his country. Ultimately, Herath has accomplished in one book what many people spend a life time failing to achieve an objective look at his country's very real failings, coupled with an enormous sense of optimism and a realistic plan of action." more...

Trudy Fraser
The Sunday Leader (Sri Lanka).



"A reasoned and passionate plea for federalization of modern Sri Lanka has at last come from a scholar of a Sinhalese ethnic identity. Herath's plea is to accept the essential heterogeneity of Sri Lankan society as an enabling and empowering force, and not as a debilitating factor as viewed in hyper-ethnicized politics of exclusivity. This is indeed a welcome intervention in the otherwise thin Sri Lankan debate on political transformation. .. His democratic, secular critique of ethnicized politics is penetrating, rationalistic and modernist." more...

Dr. Jayadeva Uyangoda
Professor and Head, Department of Political Science and Public Policy
University of Colombo, Sri Lanka



"The government of Sri Lanka appears to have run out of solutions in the form of a new governing system to place before the LTTE for them to consider as an alternative to their demand for a separatist state of Eelam. The model of governance R. B. Herath proposes in this book stands out as a possible alternative. I hope that this book will be translated into the Sri Lankan vernacular languages: Sinhalese and Tamil." more...

Henry Subasinghe
Founder President of the Sri Lankan Friendship Association of British Columbia, Canada
Co-founder of the Buddhist Vihara Society of British Columbia, Canada

"R. B. Herath could not have found a better time to publish his book, Sri Lankan Ethnic Crisis: Towards a Resolution than at present to coincide with the prevailing peace negotiations. Perhaps this book will generate a much needed independent view point by a Sri Lankan looking at the issue from a completely different perspective from abroad looking quite away from one's nose! The book is sure to appeal to everyone, whether one is politically inclined or otherwise, as it makes easy reading like going through a novel." more...

Tilak Fernando
London based freelance journalist
The London correspondent for Sri Lankan English newspapers since 1987.



"For those who are now engaged in the political destiny of this island nation, and for those who are aspiring for a political career to chart acourse of peace and prosperity for this island nation of diversity, Sri Lankan Ethnic Crisis: Towards a Resolution should be their text book for constant reading reminding them why things went wrong in the past that has ended up with a vicious separatist ethnic war, and why a New Beginning as proposed by the author should be given serious consideration for the sake of Sri Lanka's future generations. This book is also worthy of being added to every academic library shelf to benefit researches on Sri Lankan history, and its diversity politics." more...

Asoka Weerasinghe
Former Chairperson
Project Peace for a United Sri Lanka
Ottawa, Canada



"The author's experience as a politician in Sri Lanka prior to 1983, and as an engineer, academic, public servant, poet, writer, dramatist, and speaker in several African and Western countries has provided him with a broad vision to consider Sri Lanka's ethnic problem in a new perspective. The author should be commended for bringing out this volume at this crucial time in our history." more...

Dr. Mahinda Werake
Former Associate Professor of History
University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka



"The comments of the book certainly glow with praise." more...

Oliver Standing
The Daily Mirror
Sri Lanka



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