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R.B. Herath

R.B. HERATH is a writer, poet, dramatist, and a political reformist. In all these roles, he has always strived for peace in difficult situations. He did this first as a student leader in his high school and university days and later as the leader of a political party in his country of origin, Sri Lanka. One of the primary aims of his party was to prevent the outbreak of a looming separatist war in the country. For this, it provided a political platform designed to ensure the civil, human, and political rights of the entire citizenry. After the separatist war broke out regardless, he left the country in 1984. He is well traveled, and has lived in several countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. He has an excellent knowledge of the international scene.

His earlier writings include four books, two in English and two in Sinhalese. The first book in English, Sri Lankan Ethnic Crisis: Towards a Resolution (Trafford, 2002), proposes a new, democratic model of governance for Sri Lanka as a political solution to its ethnic crisis. Canadian Foreign Minister Bill Graham, who was among the many reviewers of the book, forwarded it to others concerned. The second book in English, Real Power to the People: A Novel Approach to Electoral Reform in British Columbia (University Press of America, 2007), reviews a unique experiment in democracy. In this experiment, the government of BC gave its people the power to take control over its electoral reform process and to make a final decision, bypassing the BC Legislature.

Sri Lanka Desapalanaya, Ayanna, Aayanna, Eyanna, Eeyanna (Lankanatha, 1979) and Desappremayen Odavadiwa Darudariyanta Kavivalinma Liyu Lipiyak (Lankanatha, 1979) are the titles of Herath’s books in Sinhalese. The English translation of the former reads as "A, B, C, D of Sri Lankan Politics". It analyses the politics of Sri Lanka up to the time of its separatist war. The English translation of the latter reads as "A Letter to Our Children in Poems Written through Patriotism". It conveys a message of love, peace, and unity to the children of Sri Lanka in a child's diction. The government of Sri Lanka at the time distributed it among the schools and municipal libraries of the country.

In his role as a dramatist, Herath first wrote and directed a stage drama, Angulimala, in Zambia in 1989. Later he wrote and directed three other stage dramas: Hoisting the British Flag, Keppetipola Heroism, and The Independence Struggle. He presented them at the 50th Sri Lankan Independence anniversary celebrations held in BC on March 7, 1998.

After immigrating to Canada in 1990, Herath pursued a career with the BC government. At the same time, he served as a member of the Board of Directors of the South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy in North America for several years. In addition, he also served as a member of the Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform in British Columbia. He is married, and has three adult daughters and one granddaughter. He now lives with his wife in Surrey, BC, Canada.

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